2009 Highlights Report

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  • Participated in the development, organization and delivery of four business forums, in partnership with the cities of Ventura County, Workforce Investment Board of Ventura County (WIB), Small Business Administration, California Manufacturing Technology Consulting, Women’s Economic Ventures and several others. These forums created awareness among business leaders of the wide variety of resources available to help their businesses survive and grow in the down economy.
  • Broadened EDC-VC’s partnership with regional business groups, addingVenturaCountyFederatedChambersof Commerce to our board of directors.
  • Expanded EDC-VC’s collaborative partnership with the WIB for new program services outlined under Program Delivery section.
  • Continued the monthly convening of the regional Economic Development Roundtable. This is the only regular meeting that brings together the professional economic development leadership from each of the 10 cities, the county and other key issue representatives. Roundtable participants are part of the first line of communication between the business world and local government. The roundtable continues to be an essential venue for sharing information, best practices, and the challenges and successes each city faces.
  • The EDC-VC board of directors convened an Ad HocProgram Development Committee, which successfully over saw the launch of several new programs for business, including Global Entrepreneur Training in Trade (G.E.T. Trade) and the Manufacturing Outreach Program.  Read more

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