Best Practices for Smart Hires

Best Practices for Smart Hires

The ideal new employee will help grow your business, while the wrong choice can be an expensive mistake. Here are some tips for interviewing wisely and evaluating interviewees fairly and objectively, to help you make the best hires.

Pre-screen applicants by phone, and prepare possible candidates for the interview. If you want to see samples of their work, let them know in advance. Be sure to let them know if they will be meeting with more than one person, and ask them to provide you with quality references.

Be sure to listen more than you talk. By letting the conversation flow, you’ll better be able to learn if this candidate’s beliefs and experience are in alignment with your values and the customers your organization serves. Share with them realistic job responsibilities, experience required, salary range and benefits, and don’t ever make promises of job security.

Don’t hire someone just because you know them. A good policy is to have each candidate interviewed by at least three different people (including you). When others on your team buy-in to the selection of a particular candidate, there is a better chance that your staff will have a vested interest in helping the new person be successful.

Do interview multiple candidates — at least three if you can. Even if you feel like the first interviewee is a good selection, discipline yourself to interview at least two others and be sure to stick to the same evaluation process for each candidate. Interviewing a minimum of three people will give you a fairer comparison, helping to ensure you will make the right choice.

Don’t be overly impressed by credentials from big corporations or well-known universities. A good candidate should demonstrate an appropriate amount of ambition and be able to demonstrate to you why they want this particular job. Look for a strong aptitude for future learning and a positive attitude about the day-to-day.

Don’t be swayed by your first impression. Candidates will usually be at their very best in the first interview. It’s usually a good practice to interview your top candidate more than once to get a truer sense of their temperament, attitude and traits. Changing locations from an office to a coffee shop for a follow-up meeting can help minimize a rehearsed aspect of any interview. This is especially important if the job requires the person to work with many different types of people in many different locations.


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