Managing Your Business Credit

As a business owner, one of the most important items on your watch to keep track of is your company's credit. A strong credit file can mean the difference between sustainable success and becoming an unfortunate statistic. Here are five simple steps you should take to manage your business credit. Find out if you have a business credit file. Small business owners should first know if they have a business credit file with Dun & Bradstreet. Read More

Podcast with CEO Bruce Stensile

Check out this informative podcast featuring Bruce Stensile, CEO of Economic Development Collaborative - Ventura County. To listen, click here! Read More

Being a Leader

Being an effective leader in today's complicated business world takes a solid set of skills to manage problems and make decisions in a fast-changing environment. Today’s leaders also need to have a strong sense of ethics and work to build integrity in their organizations. Raymond Cattell, a pioneer in the field of personality assessment, developed the Leadership Potential equation in 1954. According to Cattell, there is a continuum of personality Read More

Putting Your Business on the Web

If you have a business, or are ready to start a business, having a business website is a “must.” Most people looking for a product or service will start their search online and your business needs to be in it to win it. You can learn how to create a website for your business in a few easy steps. Choose and register your business website domain name. Domain names can be purchased from a variety of sources, so you can search for the best Read More

Starting a construction company

Starting your own construction company can be a profitable venture under the right circumstances, but it also involves a lot of risk. If you have experience in construction and want to start your own company, be sure to research the necessary business requirements and laws before launching your business. Here are some key areas to consider:   Know the technical details of construction. Usually this requires at least five years of a Read More

Sales Survival Tactics

Sales is the lifeblood of a business. Many businesses with great-looking business plans go out of business because they fall short on sales. Here are some sales survival lessons:   Sales often take longer than you expect. Even if you give a great sales presentation, you may find that your prospect needs to go through channels requiring additional presentations or has to wait for a new budget cycle before approving the purchase. Always Read More

Hiring Your First Employee

Your small business is taking off and you're ready to hire some help. Learning how to craft the right job description, understanding the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees and managing the mandatory paperwork needed to comply with applicable state and federal requirements can be daunting. Here are eight steps to making sure you know the regulatory requirements before you start staffing your business.   Step 1. Obtain an Read More

Attracting new customers

Once you’ve defined your market, how do you attract new customers and convert them into new business? Below are some tips to assist you with strategies for attracting new customers. REVIEW YOUR TARGET MARKET: Finely tune your target customer by placing them into groups with similar needs so you can align your products/services to fit those needs. The more you identify applicable categories, the more areas available to approach or create Read More

10 Tips for Successful Networking

Despite the dominance of social media, nothing replaces in-person networking. You can’t share a firm handshake or see a sincere smile flashed in response on social media.  But effective networking requires work. Here are 10 tips intended to make your networking as effective as can be.   BE GENUINE. Remember, your goal is to build relationships that will be helpful to both you and those with whom you network. That requires honesty, and Read More

10 Tips for Staying In Touch with Your Customers

Businesses of all sizes need to stay in touch with their customers while striking the delicate balance between “enough” and “too much.” Here are 10 tips to help you stay in touch with both current and future customers.   TRUST THE TRIED AND TRUE. Email is one of the biggest drivers of conversions for small businesses, which means your email contact list is one of your most valuable assets. But use it wisely. Too many businesses pepper Read More

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