Tri-County Broadband Consortium Launched

The Broadband Consortium Pacific Coast The Broadband Consortium Pacific Coast (BCPC) has been launched to help create fast broadband on California’s Central Coast. A collaboration between San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties, BCPC is comprised of business and government stakeholders and focuses on identifying and implementing measures that will best achieve the advancement and expansion of broadband (high-speed internet) in the region.

Funding for this project has been provided through the Rural and Urban Regional Broadband Consortia Grant Account of the California PUC’s Advanced Services Fund, according to Bruce Stenslie, president/CEO of the Economic Development Collaborative- Ventura County, the fiscal agent for the group. Strategic and financial oversight of the tri-county broadband initiative is through a steering committee comprised of representatives from both public and private sectors.

The Consortium’s purpose is to leverage the power of broadband as a catalyst for economic vitality, helping to guide the development of an infrastructure that supports the adoption of high-speed internet solutions for the creation of new jobs and other positive economic impacts. A key benefit is the opportunity to improve broadband access among underserved communities.

Overall, the work of the consortium is focused on four broad task areas:

  1. Strategic deployment, including a broadband asset inventory and development of priorities for closing gaps that impede business or interfere with communications in education, health care and public safety, for example.
  2. Accelerated adoption strategies, leveraging public- and private-sector resources for improving community use and benefit from high-speed connectivity.
  3. Policies and standards strategies, identifying obstacles and accelerating the efficient implementation of broadband deployment projects while minimizing impacts to communities and infrastructure.
  4. Communications focusing on improving community and stakeholder awareness of the benefits of high-speed broadband connectivity, helping to establish the region as a “wired community,” savvy in the technologies essential to supporting 21st century business, education, health care, public safety and environmental stewardship.

Interested individuals and organizations with questions or who would like to participate in the planning groups and activities, should contact Bill Simmons, coordinator of the effort, at 805-201-7164 or

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