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Beginning a new venture or expanding or changing the direction of an existing business can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re undertaking the task on your own with perhaps only a hazy understanding of the local marketplace. At EDC-VC, we provide individualized consulting to help businesses engage the local market and build enterprise systems that achieve their goals while helping our communities thrive.

EDC-VC consultancy helps provide a firm foundation for continued growth and success for businesses of all types and sizes, and it’s all provided free of charge. Our consulting team has many years of combined experience in the Ventura County business community, which means we can provide a unique perspective for businesses that operate in our area. Our team is skilled in helping businesses analyze their goals and their needs in terms of local economic and market data to help identify both gaps and opportunities that may have been overlooked.

Because our advisors come from a broad spectrum of business and financial interests, the guidance they provide is both skilled and objective, aimed at providing an overview of the local and regional business environments while remaining attuned to the specific needs of individual businesses. EDC-VC consulting is customized, which means you can expect guidance tailored specifically to your business’ unique needs.

In addition to helping businesses establish themselves in the local and regional business landscapes, we also advise businesses seeking to attract broader markets, both nationally and internationally. Contact us today to learn more by calling (805)384-1800 or register for one of our local workshops to experience firsthand how we can help your business grow and thrive in Ventura County and beyond.

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