GBL Systems Corporation is an SBDC Success Story

GBL Systems was first introduced to EDC-VC through Ray Bowman, executive director of the Small Business Development Center of Ventura and Santa Barbara. Although there was no business area that GBL requested the EDC-VC to specifically address, its CEO Jim Buscemi stated, “We are constantly striving to improve our front office business processes and increase efficiency throughout all departments.” GBL Systems Corporation (GBL) was formed in 1990 around its core principles of research, technology development and advanced engineering; proving themselves time-and-again to be a leading provider of innovative software solutions across the U.S. Armed Forces.

Most recently GBL developed a groundbreaking capability called the Proximal Web™ technology, centered around the convergence of wireless signals and mobile devices. The Proximal Web™ technology aims to address the Navy’s Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) initiatives, proximal Command Control (C2), and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) training.

Some of the initial services provided by EDC-VC included process improvement/optimization, access to legal resources, introductions to businesses and local universities, and help with contractual agreements. Working with EDC-VC advisor Carlos Conejo, a Six Sigma front office specialist, GBL was able to better focus its deployment strategy for their Proximal Web™ technology FutureOrb™ application.

GBL also worked closely with Ray Bowman, who connected them to various resources at California Lutheran University (CLU). Jim Buscemi also stated, “Through EDC-VC’s introductions, we were able to establish a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between GBL and California Lutheran University, which helped us to successfully conduct a marketing exercise across various user groups as an assigned class project.”:

More recently, EDC-VC introduced GBL to SBDC advisor, Raja Subramoni, an industry expert who specializes in marketing, consumer insights and analytics. Subramoni was able to provide GBL Systems with assistance on several strategic marketing areas related to GBL technology.

Jim Buscemi later said, “After working with GBL for only a short period of time, Raja was able to coordinate quality external resources that were ready to explore a marketing approach for GBL’s technology Proximal Web™.”

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