Lending / Finance

Lending / Finance

Lending / Finance

As a community-based lender, EDC-VC offers both new and existing businesses a wide range of loan products to help ensure competitive growth for businesses in many different types of industries.

We offer a variety of targeted lending opportunities, providing the funding that’s necessary for local businesses to continue to operate and even thrive, despite financial or economic setbacks, including:

  • Loans that offer funding for businesses in agricultural industries, biomedical industries, high-tech industries, and more;
  • Loans aimed at defense and defense-related businesses endeavoring to create non-defense applications for their existing products;
  • Business development loans to grow and strengthen your business
  • Funding for the construction and expansion of licensed preschools and child care for Ventura County children.

At the EDC-VC, we have a deep commitment to the communities we serve. Although our loan programs are aimed at serving businesses countywide, we also work closely with lenders in local communities to ensure they have the resources available to hit their targets. Our overarching goal is to enable the Ventura County region to position itself as one which is favorable to businesses or all sizes and all types, no matter which community serves as their “home base.”

Identifying funding can be a complex process resulting in frustration and, at times, even discouragement. At the EDC-VC, we’re ready to help. For more information about the EDC-VC’s loan programs and which programs might be right for your business, please contact Marvin Boateng at (805) 384-1800 x9158 or

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