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EDC-VC is a community-based lender that operates several targeted loan funds that are available to Ventura County businesses. For more information about the EDC-VC’s loan programs, please contact Marvin Boateng at (805) 384-1800 x9158 or  You can also click here to schedule and appointment.

Business Development Loan Fund (BDLF) – (Success Story)

EDC-VC shares the county’s focus on regional economic development through its business loan program and its capital. The BDLF stimulates job creation and economic activity by providing small businesses with greater access to capital and specialized technical business assistance.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the cities and county of Ventura, and private capital. Qualified businesses could receive a loan of up to $250,000.

Another way EDC-VC can assist with access to capital is to connect businesses with banks throughout the county that partner with EDC-VC to provide loans.

City of Ventura Business Assistance Program (Success Story)

Through its Business Assistance Program, the city of Ventura funds three separate loan options. One is a small business or micro-enterprise program; the second is designed to revitalize the city’s older commercial districts through building rehabilitation, such as through facade and structural improvements; the third is to support commercial property owners with code compliance.

All of these loan programs are aimed at assisting business owners overcome some of the hurdles to successful entrepreneurship. Businesses in Ventura could receive a loan of up to $125,000 to fund growth.

Community Investment Loan Fund (Success Story)

Quality preschool programs help children grow socially, emotionally and academically, with dramatic long-term results for individuals and communities. These programs also greatly benefit local business. The Community Investment Loan Fund provides below-market financing for developing licensed quality child care and preschool facilities for Ventura County’s children. Loans may be used for the planning, construction, expansion and rehabilitation of new or existing licensed child care and preschool centers.

The fund’s goal is to promote and fund a measurable increase in the number of child care and preschool spaces. Qualified preschools could receive a loan of up to $800,000 to support expansion.

For more information about the EDC-VC’s loan programs, please contact Marvin Boateng at (805) 384-1800 x9158 or


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