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For most businesses, having employees who are properly trained in the most up-to-date skills and practices is an important part of staying competitive. Whether an employee plays a role behind the scenes ensuring operations run smoothly or they’re on the front lines, interacting with your customers and business contacts, each employee plays a major role in building your company’s reputation and brand. When training lapses, your business suffers and other companies with employees who are better trained can move in and steal clients – and revenue – away.

At the EDC-VC, we work hard to make sure our area businesses stay at the leading edge of their industries to create a more successful and productive community for all. We offer a wide range of training resources aimed at helping businesses of all sizes and types maintain a highly skilled workforce. Our goal is to provide the services Ventura County businesses need so they can continue to thrive right here in their own local communities. Part of that goal is to help businesses identify available employee training resources to ensure their workers have the training they need to stay competitive and productive.

As a community-based initiative, we know that providing training for a business’ employees does more than help strengthen that business; an investment in training is also an investment in people, and that translates into a stronger, more resilient community and a more supportive environment for all.

Interested in learning more? We have lots of resources to explore right here on our site, or you can call us at (805) 384-1800 and we’ll be happy to speak with you about employee training opportunities for your Ventura County business.

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