Video Marketing on Social Media

Have you ever noticed you spend more time on a website when there’s a video to click?  Adding video to your website or social media can significantly increase engagement. These basic steps can help grow your business with a low-cost marketing strategy that yields a high and measurable return.

DECIDE IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE MAKING YOUR OWN VIDEOS. The benefit of making your own videos is that you control the creative, branding, look, feel and overall direction of the video content.  The risk of making your own business videos is that you will probably need to invest a small amount of time and money in training yourself how to do it along with getting some basic equipment.

RESEARCH. Take the time to research your competitors’ videos and decide which elements you like or dislike. List those elements out and use them as your guideline.

DEFINE THE TYPE OF VIDEOS YOU WILL BE MAKING. In general, a business video that is educational or provides thought leadership will do a great job of building up your brand and adding value, whereas if you’re looking to promote an event or drive sales, you’ll want to create a video that has a more specific structure and call to action.

GET THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT. You’ll need a basic DSLR camera to obtain high image quality, and a lavaliere microphone or external microphone to either plug directly into the camera or into an external recording device. You can also use a webcam or cell phone, however with a higher-end camera you will be investing in a higher production quality video.

PLAN YOUR CONTENT. As the expert in your field, video provides you with an effective way to let customers get to know you better, build your credibility, create trust and familiarity. Prepare a bullet list of points you want to cover, then be yourself and speak as though you were talking with a customer face-to-face.

SHOOT THE VIDEO. Schedule the day to shoot, setup your lights, setup your sound and wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for your business. Have a friend or colleague help you focus and hit record.

EDIT AND POST. Once you are happy with the take or takes that you shot, connect the parts you like, pick music if desired and add in a branded logo. Once complete, upload the video to your preferred video hosting service, and post it on your site by copying and pasting the embed code and voilà! Your video is ready for viewing!

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